Distinctive Programmes

ALP - Food Science and Technology

Developing Gifts to Society
We hope to develop every Woodlander to be able to contribute to society by enabling them to achieve the Triple D’s:
  • Discovering the needs of others
  • Daring to prototype and try to address these needs, then
  • Dreaming further and bigger to improve the prototype to serve those around us in the community
Key Approaches

ALP is non-examinable and allows students the space to explore, expand general knowledge and build interest in Food Science and Technology beyond their syllabus.

This is achieved through:

  • providing varied hands-on learning activities which are process-focused,
  • providing opportunities for first-person experiences such as Learning Journeys to industry partner and workshops at Science Centre,
  • leveraging authentic and local day-to-day contexts which students can relate to, and
  • employing the Design Thinking method in problem-solving.
 Key Programmes

To build awareness of food science and technology and equip students with future ready-skills to meet with evolving needs of the society.

Students are exposed to 2 areas of learning - Food Science and Computational Thinking. They then choose an area for further development.
Growing all Woodlanders
(Sec 1 & 2)
Tier 1 - Broadening learning
Tier 2 - Deepening learning
Lower Secondary Woodlanders are exposed to both food sciences and technology.

Food Sciences
Woodlanders learn the various techniques in molecular gastronomy. With the use of Design Thinking in a Drinks-making Competition, students compete to create a healthy and visually-appealing beverage with the molecular gastronomy techniques learnt.

Computational Thinking
Computational thinking skills are honed through Basic and Advanced microcontroller programming. Woodlanders then apply their skills to control and programme the flight paths of drones.

Stretching those with strong interests
Tier 3 – Developing passion
Science Competition/Enrichment activities to stretch students’ potential. Examples of Science competitions/activities:

  • Science and Technology Challenge by NYP
  • Nexplorers (STEM Shell Challenge by STEM INC)
  • Food Science Competitions (Nurti-booster- STEM INC & RP, Swensen’s Ice-cream challenge-NYP, Picky Palette- STEM INC & RP)
  • Coding Programme by Saturday Kids 
  • Science centre enrichment programme

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Developing Gifts to Society
Every Woodlander is a community youth leader ready to contribute to the betterment of the society.
Key approaches
We believe that every Woodlander has their own strengths. This can be tapped on to have significant impact upon themselves and others. Guided by the Servant Leadership Philosophy (by Robert K Greenleaf, 1970), the LLP intends to develop the spirit of active citizenry through 3 tiers:
Tier 1 - for all Woodlanders

Engaging students in developing their awareness of the community and leadership knowledge, competencies or attitudes to serve the community

Tier 2 - for our Youth Envoys

Empowering students who show greater aptitude and/or interest to lead by actively engaging the community

Tier 3 - Stretching those with strong interest in community engagement (Youth Ambassadors)

Inspiring students to lead and mentor in VIA & Community Youth Leadership (CYL) experiences and to explore enduring engagement in the community.

Key Programmes
Growing all Woodlanders


Tier 1 programmes caters to all students across Sec 1 to 5 with the following themes:

Secondary 1: Contributing to School Community
Through applying principles of design thinking, students developed empathy and a sense of appreciation towards the unsung heroes in the school community and formulate ideas to improve the school through gardening.

Secondary 2: Serving the Immediate Community
Students served the elderly through identifying their needs and collaborated with community partners like North West CDC and Sunlove Marsiling Senior Activity Centre where they get to come together and deliver an NDP Goodie Bag for the elderly.

Secondary 3: Redefining Boundaries
Our students develop these competencies and values of empathy, care and responsibility towards others through training workshops and practise them through our Values-in-Action (VIA) platforms. At Sec 3, the Glocal Citizens Programme reaches its high point with an online cohort overseas experience with students from Cambodia, Thailand and New Zealand. Through this friendly online exchange, the school hopes to encourage our students to become future Community Youth Leaders by forging relationships with others and be active contributors to society.

Secondary 4 and 5: Seniors Giving Back - Mentoring and Advocacy
Over the years of developing the understanding of their role as active citizens, the graduating students dedicate their time for the betterment of our Singapore future/society through advocacy projects of their choice  focussing on Conservation and Sustainability.

At Tier 1, students attend a workshop to acquire knowledge on servant leadership before engaging in community problem-solving through their Values-in-Action projects.


Tier 2 programmes provide training and leadership platforms for youth envoys to lead in the class VIA projects.

Stretching those with strong interests

Tier 3 programmes provides opportunities for youth ambassadors to explore enduring engagement in the community through the following platforms:

  • Dialogue with Prime Minister
  • Youth Assembly at NWCDC
  • Marsiling Constituency Annual Workplan (ACWP)
  • Parliament Journey - Parliament in session
  • Mentoring juniors in VIA Projects