Developing Gifts to Society

Every Woodlander a creative problem solver and caring citizen.


Key approaches

  • Inspiring and value-adding every Woodlanders through an enriching curriculum.
  • Equipping every Woodlanders with confidence in Mathematical skills and concepts.


Key Programmes

Sec 1 Maths Trail

All Woodlanders are treated to a half-day of fun Maths activities at various stations around the school in Sec 1.   As part of the department’s vision of a ‘Department of Distinction, a Subject of Choice’, the Maths Trail serves to spur interest amongst our Secondary 1 students in the subject. It involves the department and the entire Secondary 1 cohort gathering in school and completing various game stations which involved Mathematical concepts and problem solving.

The trail is also infused with technology through the use of laptops, tablets and portal for some of the stations where students had to complete a series of Maths-related activities. Students were often observed to be energised throughout the Math Trail and positive feedback was received at the end of it.

Sec 2 Maths Enrichment

As part of the post-examination activities, our various groups of Sec 2 students participates in different types of enrichment programmes to stretch their learning of Mathematics. Past enrichment programmes includes:

  • Mathematics at the Gardens which the students are brought to Gardens by the Bay to investigate on features in the gardens and
  • In-house Coding Competition which students are given time to learn and collaborate in writing codes in the Scratch Programming Language to run a mathematical algorithm.
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