Uniformed Groups

Boys' Brigade

The Boy's Brigade 66th Singapore Company

Mr Caleb Cheong, LTA
Ms Eunice Foo, 2LT
Mdm Josephine Han
Mr Winston Tham


Rev. Joseph Heng, LTA (Chaplain)
Mr Harry Lim, LTA (Captain)
Mr Peh Chee Leong, LTA
Mr Yang Jiangang, LTA
Mr Lim Mou Yee, 2LT
Mdm Choo Kai Ee, 2LT

Weekly Training Schedule
1430 - 1745


Key Info & Programmes

A CCA that is run with a partnership with Adam Road Presbyterian Church (ARPC) with the following key outcomes:

  • Character Formation through Community
  • Engagement events such as BB CARES and BB Share-a-Gift
  • Leadership Development through Officers/Teachers’ close mentoring of the Boys.
  • Adventure fun through various ventures, like kayaking, and Camp Craft
Recent Achievements
JM Fraser Award 2020 Gold
Founders’ Awardees 2020 Awarded to
- SSGT Loh Qi Won, Sylvester
- SSGT Gan Shiu Kuan
- SSGT Tan Jin Xiang
JM Fraser Award 2020 Silver


Girl Guides


Miss Brenda Lee (OIC)
Miss Uma Sankgery d/o Pandyan (2IC)
Miss Divyalakshmi Muthu Saminathan

Weekly Training Schedule
1430 - 1730

HQ activities and trainings on some Fridays and Saturdays for selected Guides.

Key Info & Programmes
  • Leadership & Character Development
  • Outdoor Skills Training
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy
  • Community Involvement in Sree Narayana Mission
  • Annual Camp to foster bonding & Teamwork
Recent Achievements
2019 Puan Noor Aishah (Unit Proficiency ) Award Gold
2019 North Division Masterchef 1st
2019 North Division Day Telematch 1st
2018 Puan Noor Aishah (Unit Proficiency ) Award Gold
2018 North Division Amazing Race
2018 North Division Outdoor Challenge 2018 Patrol Flag (1st)



National Cadet Corps

Mr Soh Wei Cheng (OIC)
Mr Ajaykumar S/O Jitendrakumar
Ms Farhana Binte Zulkifli
Mr Hifzhul Matin Bin Nordin

Weekly Training Schedule
Lower Sec 1430 - 1700
Upper Sec 1500 - 1730
Key Info & Programmes


To develop our young NCC leaders to have the following:

  • Fit body
  • Committed Heart
  • A resilient Mind

Key Events

  • Camp Forge (Sec 1)
  • Camp Steel (Sec 2)
  • Orienteering Competition (Sec 2)
  • Advanced Drill Course (Sec 3)
  • Specialist Course (Sec 3)
  • Senior Specialist Course (Sec 3)
  • Fitness Challenge (All)
  • Sports Championship (All)
  • Precision Drill Competition (All)
Recent Achievements
2020 Outstanding Cadet Award Awarded to Gabriel Goh
2019 NCC Unit Recognition (UR) Award Distinction
2018 NCC Unit Recognition (UR) Award Distinction



National CIVIL DEFENCE Cadet Corps

Mr Lee Jia Xin (OIC)
Ms Yeo Su Yan
Miss Shawna Low
Mr Adam Ang

Weekly Training Schedule
Lower Sec 1430 - 1730
Upper Sec 1500 - 1730
Social Media


Key Info & Programmes

We Learn, We Lead, We Serve

  • Developing and empowering our youths to be active and concerned citizens with life-saving skills.
  • Develop greater awareness of civil defence

Key Programmes
Structured Training Programme which includes:

  • Basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED Modules
  • Drills excellence
  • Proficiency badges
  • Structured community service
  • Sports & Wellness Programme
Recent Achievements
2019 Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) Silver


National Police Cadet Corps

Mr Richard Oh (OC)
Mr Achmad Firdaus Abdul Kalam
Mr Ee Bao Qin

Weekly Training Schedule
1430 - 1730
Key Info & Programmes
  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) - where cadets will learn how to analyse the crime scene and get to experience how to dust for finger prints for evidence.
  • Unarmed Tactics - where cadets learn the basics of self-defence from SPF trainers.
  • Annual .22 Revolver Shooting - Sec 2 & 3 will get to experience live shooting using a real revolver.
  • Adventure training camp & Survival training camp at Pulau Ubin.
  • Enrichment courses like 1st Aid, Kayaking 1 Star, Self defence &
Recent Achievements
2011 - 2019 Overall Unit Proficiency Award Gold Award
(9 consecutive years of Gold Award)
2020 SPF-NPCC Badge 1 Recipient
(9 in total for the past 7 years)
2019 Inter-Unit Drill Competition Top 50