Developing Gifts to Society

Every Woodlander an Inquirer who is passionate in the learning of Science, and is able to apply it effectively to make informed decisions in daily life and in an increasingly technologically-driven society

Key approaches

The programmes and approaches of the Science Department are underpinned by the Singapore Science Curriculum Framework, and aims to:
  • prepare our students to be effective practitioners of the Science discipline
  • provide opportunities for students of varying abilities to stretch their potential and excel
  • improve teaching and learning through teachers’ professional development in pedagogical practices

Key Programmes

Growing all Woodlanders
  • Inquiry-based learning approach in teaching and learning
  • Hands-on Experimentations and Practical Experience 
  • Applied Learning Programme (ALP) on Food Science and Technology (Sec 1 & 2)
    • Sec 1: Food drinks and Drinks making & Basic Microcontroller Programming 
    • Sec 2: Advanced Microcontroller Programming & Food Science (Probiotics and Gut health)
Stretching those with strong interests
  • Woodlands Scientists Programme - programme to stretch Lower Secondary Science students 
  • Science Competition/Enrichment activities to stretch students’ potential. Examples of Science competitions/activities:
    • Science and Technology Challenge by NYP
    • Nexplorers (STEM Shell Challenge by STEM INC)
    • Food Science Competitions (Nurti-booster- STEM INC & RP, Swense’s Ice-cream challenge-NYP, Picky Palette- STEM INC & RP)
    • Coding Programme by Saturday Kids 
    • Science centre enrichment programme