Financial Assistance

1) Financial Support Scheme (MOE-FAS)

The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance to Singaporean students from our Government and Government aided schools.
To apply, you may do so using one of the following methods:

2) IMDA NEU-PC Programme

IMDA’s Home Access programme provides 2 years of subsidised broadband to low-income households. For details, please visit Application forms can be obtained from the school.

3) Other schemes

The students who are not eligible for MOE-FAS will be given opportunities to apply for other bursaries such as MDIS, CDAC-SFCCA, A heart for student programme, Semb Corp Marine, Sri Sastha, Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education Foundation and Zonta Pari.

Application forms are available from the school. Parents/Guardians who need additional help can approach the school for further financial assistance.