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Hi! Welcome to Woodlands Secondary School’s website.

A hope-building school of the community

Since 1982, Woodlands Secondary School is a hope-building school for the community. We believe that secondary education is a journey of building abilities and creating potential. We appreciate what our students bring to the school, take great effort to help them discover their value, and develop them into gifts to society.

Developing gifts to society with GR2EAT values

Building Resilient Woodlanders with a Growth Mindset
We know it is no easy journey to work towards excellence. Woodlanders are guided by the school values of Growth and Resilience, and would expect new learning to be difficult. Everything is hard before it is easy. Hence, we see the struggles, the effort, the learning that comes from each mistake, and what appears impossible slowly becoming possible.

Respecting what Woodlanders bring, developing Trustworthy Woodlanders
We value Trustworthiness, and Woodlanders act responsibly and always give their best. We applaud our teachers for being their lighthouse, patiently guiding them, caring for them, and cheering them on. In school, we provide a myriad of opportunities to expose Woodlanders to varied interests, and stretching those who found their strengths and interests further, respecting that Woodlanders are all different and everyone matters. In this second year of the pandemic, it is no exception. We remain committed and determined in providing our students as wholesome and holistic an education as possible.

Growing into Empathetic & Appreciative Woodlanders
In serving the various communities, the value of Empathy is emphasised. Here, we see stories of how Woodlanders put themselves in the position of others when they act, understanding the needs of others and meeting them.

Woodlanders also know they would not have come thus far on their own, and Appreciation is something that guides them to always count their blessings, and to remember to pay it forward.


We hope with the information provided, you would have a better idea of what Woodlands Sec stands for. We are a school that appreciates what our students bring to the school, takes great effort to help them discover their value, and develop them into gifts to society.

Do take your time to explore our website and visit our Facebook and Instagram page, and understand how despite COVID, our students’ learning was not (and will not be) short-changed, what your school experiences would be like and what learning experiences you would have in class and CCA.

Thank you.


Mrs Tay Yang Fern