Principal's Message

Hi! Welcome to Woodlands Secondary School’s website.

A hope-building school of the community

Woodlands Secondary has always been a hope-building school of the community since its inception in 1982. We are a school that enables success for all Woodlanders.

We believe in giving our students the very best we can so that they will believe that they can. Here in Woodlands Sec, we provide a myriad of opportunities to nurture and expose our students, and that becomes the starting point for many to discover and develop their interests and strengths.

Developing gifts to society

The support, the hope and the care provide the right environment for our Woodlanders to flourish into gifts to society. Our Woodlanders grow their own passions, they serve, they contribute and they inspire. They flourish into gifts who never give up because they have the enduring hearts. They flourish into gifts whose creative minds always ensure that society’s needs are met.

We want the best for our students

While 2020 (and possibly 2021) was a year of lost opportunities with many programmes postponed or cancelled, our care for our students drives us to think innovatively how we could provide as wholesome and holistic an education as possible.

Do take your time to explore our website and visit our Facebook and Instagram page, and understand how despite COVID, our students’ learning was not (and will not be) short-changed, what your school experiences would be like and what learning experiences you would have in class and CCA.


We hope with the information provided, you would have a better idea of what Woodlands Sec stands for. We are a school that appreciates what our students bring to the school, takes great effort to help them discover their value, and develop them into gifts to society.

Thank you.


Mrs Tay Yang Fern