Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) 

Developing Gifts to Society

Character and citizenship education (CCE) in WDL seeks to inculcate in every woodlander values and skills necessary to manage their relationships, emotions and make decisions so that they are well-prepared to navigate the challenges in the future, where they could contribute as gifts to the society.

Key approaches

Our key approaches in CCE to nurture every woodlander as future-ready citizens include:

  • An effective curriculum that builds around the 3 core concepts of Identity, Relationships and Choices;
  • Instilling a culture of care, learning and innovation
  • Partnerships to provide learning opportunities

Key Programmes

GR2EAT Values Inculcation

As the most important pillarstone for Character and Citizenship Education, the school implement a robust curriculum revolving around the 3 core concepts of Identity, Relationships and Choices to inculcate values on Growth, Respect, Resilience, Empathy, Appreciation and Trustworthiness across different platforms such as CCE lesson, projects and even through academic subjects.

Citizenship Education

In preparing Woodlanders as gifts to the society, the school develops the citizenry disposition and sense of belonging to the country through learning journeys, commemoration of National Events and through Values-in-Action programs.

Student Leadership

As the school is committed to nurture every Woodlander as gifts to the society, learning opportunities in line with Servant Leadership philosophy is curated to develop our students as community youth leaders, ready to take on the challenge in contributing back to the society in the future.