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Applied Learning Programme (ALP) 

ALP - Food Science and Technology

Developing Gifts to Society

We hope to develop every Woodlander to be able to contribute to society by enabling them to achieve the Triple D’s:
  • Discovering the needs of others
  • Daring to prototype and try to address these needs, then
  • Dreaming further and bigger to improve the prototype to serve those around us in the community

Key approaches

ALP is non-examinable and allows students the space to explore, expand general knowledge and build interest in Food Science and Technology beyond their syllabus. 

This is achieved through:
  • providing varied hands-on learning activities which are process-focused, 
  • providing opportunities for first-person experiences such as Learning Journeys to industry partner and workshops at Science Centre,
  • leveraging authentic and local day-to-day contexts which students can relate to, and
  • employing the Design Thinking method in problem-solving.

Key Programmes

Secondary 1

Secondary One Woodlanders specialise in learning about various techniques in molecular gastronomy, culminating in the use of Design Thinking in a Drinks-making Competition to create a healthy and visually-appealing beverage with the molecular gastronomy techniques learnt.

Secondary 2

Secondary Two Woodlanders focus on honing computational thinking and block-based programming skills. Students will be using Arduino programming and/or block-based programming applications in mobile devices to control and programme the flight paths of drones.

Pic 1A 290x193.jpg

Presenting their drink creation to the judges during the annual Sec 1 ALP Drinks-Making Competition

Pic 3 290x193.jpg
Students getting hands-on with Arduino programming components

Pic 5 290x164.jpg
An array of beautifully-garnished, colourful drinks created by our innovative Sec 1 ALP students

Pic 2A 290x193.jpg

A team of students happy and proud to present their beautifully-garnished drink creation

Pic 4 290x193.jpg
The teamwork and enthusiasm of students getting creative during the Drinks-Making Competition

Pic 8_edited 290.jpg
Proudly presenting… Woodlands Secondary’s Signature Drink!

Pic 6 190.jpg

A pair of teammates creating flavoured spheres to garnish
their drink
Pic 7 190.jpg

A team utilising layering techniques to craft their drink
Pic 9 180x285.jpg

Preparing the Signature Drink for Speech Day VIPs