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ALP – Real Food, Real Science

Woodlands Secondary’s Real Food, Real Science is a STEM Applied Learning Programme that exposes students to authentic everyday food-related matters and the Food Science & Technology industry. It provides opportunities for students to learn about industry-standard techniques. The Secondary One students specialise in learning about molecular gastronomy techniques. The Secondary Two students focus on the use of Arduino programming applied to Food Science.

Students will also have opportunities to participate in activities such as Learning Journeys, workshops, and job-shadowing, conducted in collaboration with industry partners.
In Real Food, Real Science, students take part in a range of active, hands-on learning experiences which are authentic, process-focused, and integrate the various skills and knowledge they learnt throughout their ALP journey. 

ALP Signature Drink

For our 35th Speech Day, ALP students applied the molecular gastronomy techniques and exercised their creativity to create a Signature Drink for Woodlands Secondary.  Our Signature Drink takes on the vibrant colours of the school. It is a refreshing concoction which melds the flavours of fruit and tea innovatively using selected molecular gastronomy techniques. The drink is a subtle, blue-coloured camomile tea, layered with pineapple cordial. As finishing touches, mango spheres and the school flag garnish the drink.

Pic 1A 290x193.jpg

Presenting their drink creation to the judges during the annual Sec 1 ALP Drinks-Making Competition

Pic 3 290x193.jpg
Students getting hands-on with Arduino programming components

Pic 5 290x164.jpg
An array of beautifully-garnished, colourful drinks created by our innovative Sec 1 ALP students

Pic 2A 290x193.jpg

A team of students happy and proud to present their beautifully-garnished drink creation

Pic 4 290x193.jpg
The teamwork and enthusiasm of students getting creative during the Drinks-Making Competition

Pic 8_edited 290.jpg
Proudly presenting… Woodlands Secondary’s Signature Drink!

Pic 6 190.jpg

A pair of teammates creating flavoured spheres to garnish
their drink
Pic 7 190.jpg

A team utilising layering techniques to craft their drink
Pic 9 180x285.jpg

Preparing the Signature Drink for Speech Day VIPs