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Woodlands Secondary School offers counselling to students. The students may approach the counsellors personally or are referred by teachers and other school personnel. At times, parents refer their child for counselling either through the form teachers or the school leaders. The issues for counselling vary…friendship issues, family issues, difficulties in studies, anger issues, stress, career options etc. Besides counselling, the counsellor may conduct group work for students with similar issue like anger management or stress management. 

Sometimes, the counsellor would also involve the parents in the counselling process. Other times, the counsellor may connect the student/family to external resources for other professional help. Examples would be family service centre (FSC), CDC, REACH-IMH etc.

Special Educational Needs

The school has an allied educator trained in learning and behavioural support to help students identified with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism etc. Parents may refer their child to her through their form teachers. Support in the form of in-class supervision or withdrawal sessions after school will be provided according to the needs of the child.

Sometimes the AED/LBS would involve parents in the process of getting professional assessment or support with external agencies.

Financial Assistance

1) Financial Support Scheme (MOE-FAS)
The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance to Singaporean students from our Government and Government aided schools. Application forms are available from the school.

2) IMDA NEU-PC Programme
The school can also help students from low-income households to own a new computer at an affordable price through IDA’s NEU PC plus Programme. For details, please visit https://www.imda.gov.sg/programme-listing/neu-pc-plusApplication forms are available from the school.

3) Other schemes
The students who are not eligible for MOE-FAS will be given opportunities to apply for other bursaries such as MDIS, CDAC-SFCCA, A heart for student programme, Semb Corp Marine, Sri Sastha, Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education Foundation and Zonta Pari. 

Application forms are available from the school.
 Parents/Guardians who need additional help can approach the school for further financial assistance. 

Zonta Pari Programme

Zonta Club of Singapore is part of Zonta International, a worldwide service organization of women executives in business and the professions passionate about advancing the status of women in Singapore, around the region, and worldwide. It is made up of a fun loving group of women who enjoys working together to make contributions to the community. 

The Project Pari was initiated in 2008.  It is a programme to help secondary school girls during their years of their secondary school education. Under this programme each student will receive a monthly pocket allowance to enable them to have proper meals and for transportation. Life skill programmes are conducted to help instil in the teenagers a sense of self-worth and to learn skills such as personal hygiene and financial management.

Anti-Bullying Programme

An Anti-Bullying week is set aside yearly to educate students on the issue of bullying in its various forms. Lessons and an assembly programme will be organised to raise awareness and to provide opportunities for students to pledge their support for a bullying-free learning environment. 


Woodlands Secondary School is one of the first schools to offer Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) and Signposts. These programmes are among the few parenting programmes in the world that have been proven to work. They provide parents with tools and strategies to improve their children's behaviour and reduce parenting stress. 

 Ms Lee Silk Yen April
   (HOD CCE)
 Mdm Nurdiyana
SH Student Management

Miss Alissa Goh
Learning and Behavioural Support
Miss Lucy Chua
School Counsellor
Mdm Sulastri