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School Expectations (Rules)





·        Students are required to report to school by 7.20am every morning


·    Students must attend school punctually and without fail. They must observe their time-tables and attend all lessons


·    Students are to remain in the classrooms at all times unless permission has been given by their teachers


·   One day’s absence from school must be accounted for by a letter from a parent/guardian or a medical certificate from a doctor (students are restricted to 3 letters from parents in  a single term)


·     Two or more days’ absence from school must be accounted for by a medical certificate from a doctor (medical certificate must cover the entire duration of absence)


·        Students must seek permission from the Principal if he/she wishes to take time off from school for valid reasons






·       Students must subscribe to a mindset of excellence and strive to do their best in their studies and in CCA


·        Students must remain positive when faced with challenges and be receptive to instructions from staff


·      Students must practise sound time-management in order to balance between academic studies, co-curricular activities and service to the community.


·         Students must strive to uphold the good name of the school at all times






·     Students must observe all the commands for assembly without fidgeting. The flag-raising ceremony must be observed with respect and pride


·        Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge. Students will recite the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart


·         Students must sing the School Song with pride and gusto (loyalty)


·   Students are to greet and be respectful to all members of the Woodlands community. This includes school leaders, teachers, administrative personnel and visitors to the school


·   Students must forge and sustain positive relationships with their peers and establish rapport with their teachers


·       Students must refrain from engaging in practices which may cause physical or emotional distress






Our School attire is represented by the following permutations:


Formal Attire – School’s shirt or blouse accompanied by shorts/pants for the boys and knee-length skirts for the girls


Informal Attire – School’s PE T-shirt accompanied by shorts/pants for the boys and knee-length skirts for the girls. Other school based T-shirts such as those received during level-wide activities may be allowed


PE Attire – School PE T-shirt accompanied by black PE shorts


·    Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform accompanied by white socks and shoes (only thin discreet lines around the base of the shoe are allowed). Modifications/alterations to the uniform are not allowed. Girls are required to don skirts of knee-length or longer


·   Students must be in Formal Attire when reporting to school (Monday to Thursday) and when they leave at the end of the day


·         Students coming to school on Friday, Saturday or after-school hours should be in Formal or Informal school attire. Students leaving school at the end of the day/lesson, should be in either Formal or Informal attire (Fridays, Saturdays or during after-school hours)


·         School Ties are to be worn on Mondays for Assembly


·        Students must be in their PE attire during PE lessons. Students are to change out of their PE attire at the end of the lesson


·   Students with injuries that prevent them from wearing shoes must provide medical documentation and inform their Form Teachers. Only white, blue or black slippers are allowed in such circumstances


·    Students who wish to put on jackets, cardigans and pullovers must choose  ones which are plain and in white, navy or black in colour.







·         Boys must be clean-shaven and no wearing of beards and moustache


·         Boys must sport short and neat hairstyles. Hair must not touch the ear or the forehead


·         Hair colour must remain in its natural state


·         No outlandish hairstyles are allowed. The school reserves the right to make judgment on students’ hairstyles


·         Piercings and tattoos are strictly forbidden



·         Girls are to keep their hair away from their face at all times. Shoulder length hair is to be plaited or tied-up and students with long hair must have them braided or tied up


·         Use of cosmetics (make-up) is not allowed


·         Piercings (on parts of the body/face other than the ears) are strictly forbidden


·         Girls are allowed one pair of small ear-rings and are not to mutilate their ears with multiples piercings


·         Hair colour must remain in its natural state

·         Tattoos are strictly forbidden






·         Students must make conscientious attempts at completing work given on time  and ensure standards expected are met


·         Students are encouraged to seek assistance from teachers when needed and  not at the last minute





·         Students must aspire to do their very best for all tests and examinations


·         Students are not to engage in any acts of dishonesty during tests/examinations


·        Students are to adhere to all instructions given by examiners/invigilators during tests/exams


·         Students who are unable to sit for tests/examinations, must provide a medical certificate on the day he/she returns to school