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Involved Parents, Inspired Woodlanders


Working hand in hand to support the school endeavour towards excellence


  • Assist and support schools in co-curriculum activities
  • Provide support for needy and problem students.
  • Sustain members’participation via recreational activities.
  • Fund raising as incentive for students and PSG.

Tag Line

  • Passionate - Towards Our Children & Their Studies
  • Suave - Charming, Confident & Up to Date Parents
  • Groovy - Fashionable & Interesting People & Team

Key Programmes

  • Morning tea session for Sec 1 Parents
  • Healthy cooking course
  • ICT courses
  • Parenting Courses
  • Food Hygiene Course
  • CCA Fair Recruitment Drive 

PSG members enjoying the CNY celebrations 
CCA fair.jpgPSG Photo Booth at the annual CCA fair
DSC_0225.JPGPSG Vice Chairman sharing during Breakfast with Principal 
sports day.jpgPSG members actively participating in our annual Sports Meet