to our E-Open House 2022

For the past 40 years, we grow
every Woodlander into a gift to society.

Let us help you discover your gifts in 3 easy steps
to help you decide on your secondary school choices.

Step 1


What is the WDL Gift Finder?
Our Principal, Mrs Tay Yang Fern, explains what the Gift Finder is, how it came about, and how it will help you decide on your choices.

Step 2

Take the WDL Gift Finder quiz
Find out what are your possible gifts to help you evaluate your choices.

Take the quiz

Step 3

Explore this e-open house with your Gift Finder report

Your Gift Finder report would identify the gifts you may have.

    • Hear from our teachers and your seniors what you can do to develop your gifts.¬†
    • Find out what opportunities Woodlands Sec offer to develop our students' gifts in these areas.

Choose a gift to explore

Why not start with the ones highlighted by your Gift Finder report


More about using the Gift Finder report


Making sense of your Gift Finder report
Our Vice-Principal, Mdm Masayu, explains how to interpret your Gift Finder report.


Deciding on your choices
Our former Vice-Principal, Mr Chen Bing Hong, shares how you can use your Gift Finder report to help you decide on your secondary school choices.

Other info


Take a School Tour!
Let our Woodlanders take you on a tour of our home and have a peek into what we do.

Register for it!

Date: 26 November 2022
Time: 10am
Venue: Through Zoom or at Woodlands Sec

Have a chat with our school leaders and middle managers to clarify your doubts as you decide on your secondary school choices.

School tours will be provided to those who attend the event at Woodlands Sec.

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