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DSA Criteria @ WDL






Applicant is holding a:

·        leadership position in CCA, preferably in Sports/ Uniform Group/                     Science Club, or

·        leadership position in the school such as in a Prefectorial Board



Applicant has achieved at least a “Very Good” conduct  rating for Primary 5 and Primary 6 semesters


Applicant has achieved at least 95% CCA and school attendance


Contribution to community

Applicant to be:

·        passionate in helping those who are less fortunate

·        able to empathize and take care of others

Community Youth Leadership in WDL

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in WDL

Our LLP provides the broad-based curriculum that seeks to develop our students to be leaders who are able to contribute to society. The curriculum enhances students to be thinker-learners, social entrepreneurs and servant leaders. Through the various Values in Action (VIA) and service learning projects and student-led programmes, students are given ample opportunities to hone their leadership skills as well as to serve the community. Students are developed in these areas as these are essential skills and abilities needed for students to succeed in every aspect of their life in and out of school and even beyond their secondary school years.

LLP allows students to identify their strengths as the school believes that every student has their own strengths which when tapped on, can have significant impact upon himself/herself as well as on others. Students will also be introduced to the philosophy of Servant Leadership where one seeks to serve and through serving the need of others the aspiration to lead will be acquired.

The aspiration to serve and lead would then be further developed through the student leadership development and social entrepreneurship and innovation programmes where every student in WDL will undergo. Students will also be equipped with the skills to apply the design thinking model in guiding their thinker learner profile.    

All the skills and values learnt and acquired will culminate in an overseas VIA project where students will apply the service learning model and utilize their social entrepreneurship skills to help the less privileged in that country.  

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Leadership Development in WDL

WDL places a lot of emphasis on developing the leadership competencies of all its students. Every student in WDL will receive a broad based leadership curriculum which progressively begins with personal leadership and culminating with the knowledge, competencies and experiences to lead others and serve the community.

To further enhance the students’ personal development, students with leadership potential will be accorded roles and positions that will require them to lead their peers. These students will therefore be further equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills through a structured leadership development programme that will ensure that they perform their responsibilities effectively. 

Platforms will then be provided for the student leaders to exercise and apply what they have learnt. For example the Secondary 2 cohort camp will be run by the Secondary 3 CCA leaders. They, will prior to the camp, go through trainings to be effective camp leaders and facilitators. They will also assist the teachers in the planning of programme and activities.

Another example of the school’s effort to develop students’ leadership competencies is opportunities will be given to student leaders to lead their peers and their juniors in planning, executing and reflecting on the various VIA projects that they wish to carry out for the year.

The leadership development programme highlights WDL’s effort to develop community youth leaders who are equipped to serve the community and our DSA students can look forward to be part of the exciting journey.

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