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Direct School Admission - Secondary (DSA - Sec)

What is DSA - Sec?

The Direct School Admission - Secondary (DSA-Sec) Exercise allows students to seek admission to Secondary 1 based on their talents and achievements. The DSA-Sec Exercise was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 2004. It seeks to promote holistic education and provide students an opportunity to demonstrate a more diverse range of achievements and talents in seeking admission to a secondary school. The selection will be based on their achievements and talents before the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results are released.

From 2019, application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal. The application is free-of-charge and will be open from 8 May to 4 Jun 2019. For more details, please refer to MOE website – http://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/direct-admissions/dsa-sec

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

DSA @ Woodlands Secondary School

In line with the school mission to nurture enduring hearts and creative minds ready to serve society, WDL is looking for promising students who have the aptitude in and attitude towards one of these 3 areas, CCA, Learning for Life Programme (LLP) or Applied Learning Programme (ALP). More specifically they are Football (Boys and Girls) or Sepak Takraw (Boys) for CCA, Community Youth Leader for LLP or Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) for ALP.

Do refer to the respective pages for more info on each programme.

Criteria and selection process for each of the talent area.

DSA Domain

Talent Area


Selection Process

Sports and Games


(Boys and Girls)

Sepak Takraw (Boys)

1) Achievements in the sport, including zonal, national and/or international level competitions

2) Has achieved at least a “Very Good” conduct rating for Primary 5 and Primary 6 semesters

3) Obtained a Silver Award in NAPFA


1) Trials for shortlisted applicants (June-July)

2) Interview for shortlisted applicants (July-August)

Leadership and 
Uniformed Groups

Community Youth Leadership (Boys and Girls)

1) Leadership position in class/ CCA/ school, such as Prefectorial Board, Captain or President

2) Has achieved at least a “Very Good” conduct rating for Primary 5 and Primary 6 semesters

3) Has the passion to help those who are less fortunate and able to empathize and take care of others

1) Interview for shortlisted applicants (July-August)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


(Boys and Girls)

1) Participated and/or achieved awards in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) related competitions.

2) Has achieved at least a “Very Good” conduct rating for Primary 3) Has the passion in area of STEM e.g robotics, food science, programming.

1) Interview for shortlisted applicants (July-August)


Shortlisted Applicants

Shortlisted applicants will be notified of the trial and interview dates which the applicants must attend.

Offer of Places

Selected students will receive DSA-Sec offer by Friday, 30 August 2019.

Successful applicants will be offered a place in Woodlands Secondary School for the academic year 2020.