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Student Management


Nurturing Caring, Confident Individuals Equipped in Facing Life Challenges.


At Woodlands Secondary, we believe firmly in the holistic development of our students and we strive to equip them with the skills and competencies they need to succeed in an ever-demanding society. Our approach to discipline focuses on our students’ needs and social competencies rather than offences committed. Traditional rules and regulations have been put in place to regulate behavior and we manage indiscipline with Restorative Practices such as reflections, Circle Time and encouraging students to make up for their mistakes. This approach leverages on quality teacher-student relationships and we encourage all our staff to spend time conversing with student offenders on how their mistakes may have impacted others and what to do to refrain from making such mistakes again.

Our dedicated teachers and Level Directors spend a significant amount of time conversing with students and reiterating our high expectations and hopes. We believe that every Woodlander has the potential to achieve great things and develop into caring and confident individuals.

Key Programmes

  • Restorative Practices- Reflections, Circle Time, TSR
  • Time-Out Programme
  • School Counselling Programme
  • Level Director Programmes


Student Leaders facilitating ice-breaking games with our Sec 1.
Working Together in defining success.
LD Challenge
Form Teacher conducting ‘Circle Time’ with students.