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Student as the Inquirer, Teacher as the Facilitator of Inquiry



To nurture life-long learners who are passionate in the learning of Science and are able to apply it effective in their daily lives.



The programmes of the Science Department are underpinned by the Singapore Science Curriculum Framework:

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We believe in:

  • Preparing our students to be effective practitioners of the Science discipline in an increasingly technologically-driven society.
  • Providing opportunities for our students of varying abilities to excel and stretch their potential
  • Professional development in pedagogical practices to improve teaching and learning

Science subjects offered:





Upper Secondary Science

Pure Chemistry


Pure Physics


Pure Biology*

Science (Physics/Chemistry)


Science (Chemistry/Biology)

Science (Physics/Chemistry)


Science (Chemistry/Biology)

N(T) Science Modules 4, 5, 6

Lower Secondary Science


2017 – Modular Science

2018 – Modular Science (Sec 2)
            General Science (Sec 1)

2019 – General Science

N(T) Science

Modules 1, 2, 3

*Available in selected years






Our students took part in the 18th Elementz Science and Research Conference and Exhibition Competition 2017. They were awarded Bronze for their project – Designing a Self-Regulating Rooftop Garden to Provide a Natural Cooling Effect in Urban Structures.

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The team of budding scientists representing Woodlands Secondary in the 18th Elementz Science and Research Conference and Exhibition, with Ms Shahzreen and Mr Low CP


Two teams of students also participated in the Bright Ideas Challenge, a SHELL initiative organised by Science Centre Singapore and supported by MOE, where they stretched themselves to learn about innovative ways to solve various potential environmental problems in today’s society.



The Science department has been helping our students achieve above-expectation results steadily over the years.


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Professional Development


Our teachers continually explore ways to develop professionally to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.


In 2017, the Chemistry and Biology teachers embark on PLC projects to explore effective use of Making Thinking Visible (MTV) strategies in class. The Physics teachers are exploring instruments that can be used to identify students’ misconceptions in Electric Circuit concepts.


The Biology PLC team of 2016 was also shortlisted for the MOE Innergy (Schools) Award 2017 for their project, The Hungry Games – Story-telling through E-book to Enhance Learning of Biology.


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A sneak peek from the E-Book—
The Hungry Games— aimed at teaching students about digestion