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Developing Gifts to Society

Every Woodlander a practitioner and advocate of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Key approaches

As Woodlanders seek to lead an active and healthy lifestyle: 
  • They will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in sports, games, outdoor education and nutrition to stay active and healthy.
  • Various platforms and opportunities will be provided for them to apply what they have learnt so as to allow good healthy habits and attitudes to be instilled.
  • Collaborative learning as a technique to encourage and motivate them to learn and influence others 

Key Programmes

Inter-class Sports Challenges 

Application of knowledge in a competitive setting: Inter-class challenges in cross-country running, track events and games

WDL X Country 2019.JPG

WDL Sports Fiesta 5.JPG

Inter-class games
WDL Sports Fiesta 4.JPG

Inter-class games
WDL Sports Fiesta 2019.JPG
Inter-class track events

Authentic Outdoor Learning Experiences

Orienteering routes beyond school, the Sec 2 Level Camp and OBS.

WDL NYAA Sec 2 Camp 1.jpg

Sec 2 Level Camp
WDL NYAA Sec 2 Camp 2.jpg

Sec 2 Level Camp

Alternative Physical Activities 

Alternative physical activities to increase motivation and choices: WDL Test of Will, WDL Mass Dance, WDL Obstacle Course, WDL Skills Challenge

Free Play 

Free play to encourage physical activity beyond PE lessons and increase ownership over one’s lifestyle: Loaning of games equipment and provision of facilities such as the field, hall, basketball court, gym to be used during recess and after school