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Every Woodlander, a physically-educated student


To develop students’ motor and games skills, equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Key Programmes

  • Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS) module
  • Sports & Games module
  • Fitness Management module
  • Track & Field module
  • PE Assessment

Key sporting events organised by the department

  • Annual School Track and Field Championships
  • Inter-class Cheerleading Competition
  • Annual School Cross Country Championship
  • Sec. 2 NYAA Adventure Camp
  • ACES Day workout


Physical Education in Woodlands Secondary School


Physical Education has a vital role to play within the education process as a whole and we believe that its impact is at its greatest in the following areas:-

(a) the development and maintenance of psychomotor skills

(b) the opportunity to build students’ character

(c) preparation for leisure

Some of our objectives as a department are:-

·         to promote an interest in and knowledge of a wide range of physical activities

·         to promote and maintain standards of personnel hygiene and tidiness,

·         to develop a desire for a healthy way of living

·         to develop the universal values of respect, friendship and excellence

·         to develop a willingness to accept responsibility and the capacity to cultivate leadership skills