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Mother Tongue


To love Mother Tongue and culture


To instill interest and improve language abilities of MT students

Key Programmes

  1. Mother Tongue Fortnight
  2. Cutural camp

Malay Language Unit

MTL Fortnight and Cultural Camp

Malay Cultural Camp is an annual structured programme to enhance the knowledge and experience of our students in language and culture. The programme focused on strengthening oral and written interaction skills of our students. Students acquired and applied their receptive and productive skills in the programme.


Group photo at the end of the camp session.

ICT Learning Journey

The Learning Journey to Kampong Glam aim to develop communication skills of Malay language students through authentic learning and infusion of ICT. 


2016 Chinese Language Unit

Woodlands Secondary School Chinese unit has organized a few interesting activities for the year 2016. We had the Mother Tongue Fortnight in April, students were learning some traditional artwork. Eg, Painting, knot, cross talk. We had also the Mother Tongue camp which the Chinese Kongfu tea were introduce to our Sec 3 students. Last but not least, We had also organizing the Mid Autumn festival celebration on 14 sept, students were very enthuses in participating this event.

CL unit programmes
Mother Tongue Fortnight 2016

 Chinese Painting/Chinese knot/Chinese fan painting
 Chinese Unit 1 330x585.jpg
 Chinese Unit 2 330x585.jpg
 Chinese Unit 3 330x585.jpg

2019 Curriculum

Sec 1
 Sec 1
 Sec 1
 Sec 2
 Sec 2
 Sec 2
 Sec 3
  Sec 3
  Sec 3
 Sec 4
 Sec 4
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