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A department of distinction, a subject of choice. Pedagogy leaders and passionate professionals. Value added academic results.

An effective and innovative Mathematics program which nurtures individuals who are:
(1) Confident in Mathematical skills and concepts
(2) Creative in their approach to problem solving
(3) Caring citizens

Key Programmes/ Initiatives
The Woodlands Secondary Mathematics department ensures that it aligns all of its initiatives with its vision of a department of distinction, a subject of choice and its mission of an effective and innovative Mathematics programme which nurtures individuals who are confident in Mathematical concepts and skills, creative in their approach to problem-solving and caring citizens

2017 was a both an exciting and fulfilling year for the Woodlands Secondary School Mathematics department.

The sustained subscription of the two online Mathematical learning portals allowed our students to continuously learn out the classroom independently and at an own-paced manner. The familiarity of the portals amongst our students and teachers allowed for our school’s annual Home-based Learning Day, held earlier in the year in February, to be carried out successfully, as the students were able to complete their Maths assignments for the day with ease in front of their computers in the comforts of their homes. 


The department also banked on the success of our Maths Trail for the third consecutive year.


Our Maths teachers also kept up with their professional development by attending various T&L courses organised by NIE and AST throughout the year. Within the school, the department underwent the Making Thinking Visible workshop, where the Maths teachers learnt about the use of learning routines that make thinking rich amongst our students, which may come in handy especially when solving higher-order Maths questions as well as real-world application questions. Additionally, ICAN continues to play a strong foundation in levelling up our weaker Normal Academic and Normal Technical students, and 2017 saw another pair of teachers from the department forming a mentor-mentee relationship, and successfully completing the training with guidance from CPDD.

The department continues striving hard for the betterment of our students’ Mathematical abilities.

Here are some of the highlights of our programmes.

(1) Head start O-Level Preparation Classes

As for the head start O-Level preparation classes, they are conducted with our Sec 3 NA students who have shown commendable effort in their studies and have the potential to take the O-Level Mathematics paper when they subsequently move on to Sec 4 NA. Some Sec 2 NA students who were previously also earmarked, have also been enrolled into this preparatory class.  

(2)  Financial Literacy Videos

The department has incorporated Financial Literacy  videos into the weekly Character Development Program. This builds numerate capabilities in students for everyday life. The department has also put up various Mathematical posters around the school to further create an awareness and passion for Mathematics.


(3) Online Math Learning Portals

2014 has also seen the introduction of 2 online math learning portals for our students. These dedicated math portals has allowed our students to be engaged in independent, self-paced learning outside the classroom. This is in line with our school’s outcome of developing self-directed learners as well as our strategic thrust of empowering students to take responsibility of their own learning. Results and performance are closely monitored on the platform as students tackle a variety of topics and questions carefully selected by our teachers from the portals’ database.

(4) 'ICAN' Project

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The department has also embarked for the second year with MOE’s pilot program, namely, the ‘ICAN’ project. This project is targeted at students from the Foundation Mathematics background and is aimed to leverage on 8 ICAN teaching principles to improve confidence and achievement in numeracy for our students.

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(5) WDL Math Trail

The department also banked on the successes of 2015 and 2016, by continuing with our Maths Trail for the third consecutive year. Held earlier in March, our Sec 1 students were treated to a half-day of fun Maths activities at various stations around the school.   As part of the department’s vision of a ‘department of distinction, a subject of choice’, the Maths Trail serves to spur interest amongst our Secondary 1 students in the subject. The event saw over 10 Mathematics teachers from the department and the entire Secondary 1 cohort gathering in school and completing various game stations which involved Mathematical concepts and problem solving. The students were observed to be energised throughout the Math Trail and positive feedback was received at the end of it. However, unlike the previous two trails held in the previous years, 2017 was the inaugural year where information and communication technologies (ICT) were infused into the Maths Trail. Partnering with one of our portal vendors, the trail harnessed the use of ICT through the use of laptops, tablets and portal for some of the stations where students had to complete a series of Maths-related activities. The teachers manning these stations also took advantage of the ICT tools to easily capture the timing and scores at the various stations. The winning groups were announced by the end of the trail, as the ICT tools enabled ease of tabulation of scores. Our students were observed to be thoroughly engaged throughout the Maths Trail. This is also in line with our School Wide Pedagogy (SWP) approach of providing opportunities for a variety of learning modes.

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As part of the post-examination activities, our Sec 2 students will be taking part in enrichment workshops at the Singapore Science Centre. The workshops are “Maths Model Making”, “Make Magic with Maths!” and “Winning Strategies”.

In “Maths Model Making”, students will have the opportunity to assemble colourful and amazing 3D mathematical shapes such as the rotating hexagonal ring and the rotating octagonal ring.

In “Make Magic with Maths!”, students will explore mathematical concepts such as algebra and their applications in real life through magic tricks.

Lastly, students will get to learn to explore, strategize and learn the many optimal ways to winning a game in “Winning Strategies”.

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