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Developing Gifts to Society

Every Woodlander a critical thinker with an inquiring mind ready to serve society. 

Key approaches

As Humanities subjects are new to secondary school students, the following is done to help Woodlanders grow in the subjects:
Developing Woodlanders’ thinking skills progressively, from Sec 1 to Sec 4. 
Tapping on Woodlanders’ day-to-day experiences to build interests
Learning through investigation and discovery to develop interests and critical thinking

Key Programmes

Geographical Investigation 

At every level, Woodlanders have the opportunity to conduct an investigation. This allows Woodlanders to deepen and apply the geographical concepts to better make sense of their immediate context and the broader society. 

  • Sec 1 – Can Marsiling Park be tapped on for water resources?
  • Sec 2 – What makes my neighbourhood a home to the residents?
  • Sec 3 – How is the weather different in different parts of the school?
  • Sec 4 – Students determine their own investigation scope about Tourism in Singapore

Historical Investigation
At every level, History education paves the way for our Woodlanders to quest to uncover the complexities that define the human experience through Inquiry Based Learning. These level activities will allow our Woodlanders to become confident and independent learners who ask critical questions and balance different perspectives that relate to life, nation and the world. 

  • Sec 1 – Inference Detective Card Game to developing SBCS skills
  • Sec 2 – What events/places should be remembered in Singapore in the 1960s and 1970s? 
  • Sec 3 – Who was responsible for the outbreak of War? (Using Perspective-taking to deepen content)
  • Sec 4 – Hitler’s rule through War and Diplomacy Card Game 

1 290px.jpg

3 290px.jpg

Humanities Camp 2017 – Sec 4 and 5 Students exploring the changing landscape along the Singapore River

5a 290px.jpg

Sec 1 students Exploring the Rain Forest at Botanical Gardens

8 290px.jpg

Sec 1 Geography Students doing Field Sketch after their exploration of the rainforests in the Botanic Gardens

10 290px.jpg

Sec 3 Geography Students pitting their geographical knowledge at the NUS Geography Challenge.

2 290px.jpg

History Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu, exploring about the heroic acts of the Malay Regiment during WWII.

4 290px.jpg

Sec 1 Archaeological Trail at Fort Canning Hill Park

6 290px.jpg

Exploring ICT tools during Sec 3 History IBL Project

7 290px.jpg

Sec 4 Students doing Field Work at Clarke Quay, during Humanities Camp 2017

9 290px.jpg

History students doing their Historical Investigation about Singapore’s past with the NLB’s Historical Scene Investigation.

Sec 1 History students conducting a mini-excavation on a brick during their Fort Canning Hill Park Learning Journey.

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