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Fostering Critical Thinking through an Inquiry based learning Environment

Key Programmes

WDL’s Humanities Department is committed to nurturing caring citizens with an inquiry mind; curious of events and phenomena of the environment, asking critical questions to understand the environment in which they live and in the process contribute to society. Thus the Department’s mission is ‘Fostering Critical Thinking through an Inquiry Based Learning Environment’.

Adopting the WDL’s Student-centric Teaching and Learning Framework to enhance critical thinking opportunities, the Humanities department created for students authentic learning experiences, to engage in self-directed and collaborative learning. The students went on various learning journeys centred around Singapore. A Humanities Camp was organised towards fostering critical and creative thinking through an experiential outdoor learning experience, infusing the IBL approach outdoors. The Secondary One students embarked on learning journeys to the Botanical Garden and Fort Canning Hill Park to explore about the geo-political landscape of Singapore. Through the participation in these learning journeys, the students managed to see what they have learnt in class coming to live in front of them. Students were able to exercise their observation skills and practice fieldwork techniques like taking photographs and drawing sketches. The Secondary Two students went for a learning journey to Bukit Chandu where they experience for themselves the battle for Pasir Panjang and how the Malay Regiment fought for the honour of their country.

The department’s  belief in lifelong learning has resulted in formation of a professional learning community to enhance their competency and develop innovative practices to add value to their students and the Humanities.  Bringing real life examples and tapping on students’  prior knowledge, they hope to spark the curiousity and question, and engage students in their learning. The staff has developed projects and lesson plans that will ‘nurture an inquiry mind’ in our students.


The department has achieved above expectations for the GCE ‘O’ Level for the Secondary 4 Express and within and above expectations for Secondary 5 Normal for the past 4 years.  

1 290px.jpg

3 290px.jpg

Humanities Camp 2017 – Sec 4 and 5 Students exploring the changing landscape along the Singapore River

5a 290px.jpg

Sec 1 students Exploring the Rain Forest at Botanical Gardens

8 290px.jpg

Sec 1 Geography Students doing Field Sketch after their exploration of the rainforests in the Botanic Gardens

10 290px.jpg

Sec 3 Geography Students pitting their geographical knowledge at the NUS Geography Challenge.

2 290px.jpg

History Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu, exploring about the heroic acts of the Malay Regiment during WWII.

4 290px.jpg

Sec 1 Archaeological Trail at Fort Canning Hill Park

6 290px.jpg

Exploring ICT tools during Sec 3 History IBL Project

7 290px.jpg

Sec 4 Students doing Field Work at Clarke Quay, during Humanities Camp 2017

9 290px.jpg

History students doing their Historical Investigation about Singapore’s past with the NLB’s Historical Scene Investigation.

Sec 1 History students conducting a mini-excavation on a brick during their Fort Canning Hill Park Learning Journey.