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Craft & Tech

Developing Gifts to Society

Every Woodlander a creative and innovative talent who will lead to inspire in various creative fields. 

Key approaches

  • Engaging and value-adding every Woodlanders through an enriching curriculum.
  • Equipping every Woodlanders with communication, critical and inventive thinking skills to adapt to the changing environment. 

Key Programmes

Design & Technology

Our Design & Technology (D&T) programme focuses on design process that will equip Woodlanders with the skills of basic design, knowledge of technology and design thinking.  Every WDL D&T students will acquire skills in doodling and sketching, and 3D manipulation as means of thinking and tinkering to develop design solutions. 

Nutrition & Food Science
Our Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) programme will equip Woodlanders with the knowledge about diet and health, so that they could be more discerning in choosing nutritious food for good health and be informed of the benefits of a balanced meal. They will also be equipped with food management skills where they will be taught culinary skills to be self-sufficient in planning and preparing healthy meals for themselves and their family. At the same time, students will also learn to be appreciative of the diversity of food from different cultures in Singapore and around the world


Our Art programme will provide every Woodlanders with a balanced and well-rounded education in the aesthetic, cognitive and affective dimensions. The programme presents ample opportunities for creative and innovative self-expression in varied modes and contributes to the development of a fuller range of our students’ interests and talents. The engagement in art discourse/critique in the curriculum promotes lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of artistic works; developing visual literacy in our students. The production of artwork encourages imagination and cultivates in students the capacity to innovate and improvise.


Our 2 year music programme provides every Woodlanders a meaningful learning musical experience.  Through performance experiences with musical instruments such as the guitar, ukulele and keyboard, Woodlanders are engaged in decision-making during the process of performing, creating and listening to music.

Competition competition_2.jpeg
Cooking competition_1.jpeg
Winners of the NFS Cooking Competition Winners of the NFS Cooking Competition
 IMG_20190424_094529.jpg IMG_20190904_161820.jpg
D&T students preparing the prototype of their artefacts.A students's prototype of his artefact. 
Artefacts created by our students.Artefacts created by our students.
 IMG_2894.PNG IMG_2897.PNG
Sketching in an Art lessonOur students' artwork on display for National Day
 R4C2 Music Unit Students attending Ukelele Lessons 285x211.jpgR3C2 Music Unit Students attending Guitar Lessons 285x176.jpg 
Learning the ukulele during Music lessons.Learning the guitar during Music lessons.

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