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Principal's Message

In Woodlands Secondary, we aspire to be a hope-building school that enables success for all, and believe that everything we do as educators, whether big or small, helps create an environment that nurtures students’ sense of hope and engagement.

Starting with this small but mindful concept of imbuing hope in our students, we as a school would like to develop and strengthen essential competencies and skills to learn for life, preparing them for the future. The school’s Vision – Every Woodlander a Gift to Society – reinforces this notion. We believe that every child who enters our gate has gifts, waiting to be discovered and maximised. As a school team, we provide a myriad of opportunities for our students to explore their interests and strengths, and through this journey of self-discovery, they will develop their passion and purpose. We will embark on this journey together with all Woodlanders to identify and recognise their aspirations, and bring them to the realisation that they can be and are a gift to society.

Of course, the journey may not always be smooth-sailing, and would, as in life, have its ups and downs. As articulated in the school’s mission, we, together with their parents, will walk with them in becoming and being individuals with Enduring Hearts, with the will to weather all challenges, and individuals with Creative Minds, having the ability to be resourceful and innovative in the face of complexity.

Woodlands Secondary offers two distinctive programmes. Our Applied Learning Programme in STEM – Real Food Real Science, inspires and challenges, for example, our Secondary One students to create innovative beverages using molecular gastronomy techniques. Additionally, in becoming caring and concerned citizens through our Learning for Life Programme – Pay It Forward, Woodlanders are empowered to take action and make a positive and effective difference in our society. For example, our Secondary Twos are warmly welcomed by our neighbouring blocks every Thursday afternoon as they serve the elderly residents with healthy soups, bringing the elderly joy and laughter through the Share-a-Pot project.

With many more opportunities provided in the school’s curriculum and CCAs, and the dedication of teachers, many Woodlanders discover their talents and develop their passion for life. Our Woodlanders are guided by the school’s GR2EAT values of Growth, Respect, Resilience, Empathy, Appreciation and Trustworthiness in their pursuit for excellence. However onerous the journey, our teachers will guide them to overcome challenges, harness their potential, and excel.

With each new day, new month and new year, I hope it will bring Woodlanders new hope, new horizons and new dreams. I wish all a meaningful and joyful education in the school.

Mrs Tay Yang Fern