Craft & Technology

Developing Gifts to Society

Every Woodlander a creative and innovative talent who will lead to inspire in various creative fields.

Key approaches

  • Engaging and value-adding every Woodlanders through an enriching curriculum.
  • Equipping every Woodlanders with communication, critical and inventive thinking skills to adapt to the changing environment.

Key Programmes

Art Design & Technology Nutrition & Food Science

(Formerly known as "Home Economics" , "FCE" or "FNN")

Growing all Woodlanders
  • Provide a balanced and well-rounded education in the aesthetics, cognitive and affective dimensions
  • Opportunities for creative and innovative self-expression in varied modes
  • Promotes lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of artistic works and developing visual literacy
  • Equip with skills of basic design, knowledge of technology and design thinking.
  • Acquire skills in doodling and sketching, and 3D manipulation as means of thinking and tinkering to develop design solutions
  • Equip with knowledge about diet and health, so that Woodlanders could be more discerning in choosing nutritious food for a balanced meal.
  • Equip with food management skills where they will plan and prepare healthy meals for themselves and their family.
Stretching those with strong interests Opportunity to take the subject at National Level leading to the GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level exams.
Growing all Woodlanders
  • Provide a meaningful learning musical experience through performances with musical instruments such as the guitar, ukulele and keyboard.
  • Engage in decision-making during the process of creating, performing and listening to music.
Stretching those with strong interests Opportunity to showcase talents at various platforms