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Our Principal, Mrs Tay Yang Fern's welcome message.



For any enquiries and appeals, please call the school at +65 6849 4400

22 Dec, Tue more details

23 Dec, Tue more details

Applicable to all

1) Complete Registration before 11.30am.

Applicable only to some

2) Complete Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) Application (See Schedule)

3) Accept or reject Subject-based Banding (SBB) offer (Only for those who have been offered).

4) Higher Mother Tongue and 3rd Language application outcome. (Only for those who are eligible).

04 Jan 2021, Mon

Report to school

09 Jan 2021 AM, Sat

Sec 1 Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Conducted over Zoom. Details will be shared at a later date through Parents Gateway (PG).

Other Info more details


For parents on Parents Gateway (PG) For parents NOT on PG
1) Update contact details


Update your contact details in PG.
(How do I do update contact details?)
  • Please onboard PG as the school will be communicating with parents through PG. (More details about PG)
  • Update your contact details in PG
  • If you have difficulties updating your contact details on PG, you can submit the changes through this form.
2) Download


For parents on Parents Gateway (PG) For parents NOT on PG
Before 11.30am
1) Complete your child's/ward's registration
Complete the registration process by acknowledging your child's/ward's registration on PG.

The registration form on PG.

If you have difficulties acknowledging your child's/ward's registration on PG, you can submit the changes through this form.

2) Subject-based Banding (SBB)

SBB allows eligible students to take a higher-stream subject e.g. N(A) students taking Express subjects

If your child/ward is eligible for SBB, an offer will be made through PG.

Please accept or reject the offer through PG.

The SBB form on PG to accept or reject the offer.

We will contact you if:

  • You are not onboard PG
  • Your child/ward is eligible for SBB

We will then arrange a time for you to come by the school to accept or reject the offer.

(According to schedule)
Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

If you have NOT applied for FAS,
  1. Download and complete MOE FAS Application Form.
  2. Gather the supporting documents.
  3. Submit (1) and (2) to the school's General Office according to the schedule below on 23 Dec

Schedule: According to the first alphabet of the student's official name on Birth Certificate/EZ Link card:

A to G 8am to 9am
H to M 9am to 10am
N to S 10am to 11am
T to Z 11am to 12 noon

e.g. Ashley Ng Kah Ling's slot is 8-9am.
e.g. Muhammad Abdullah Bin Ahmad 's slot is 9-10am
e.g. Tan Ah Meng Keith's slot is 11am-12noon
e.g. Shanti d/o Givakumar's slot is at 10-11am.

Safe distancing measures

  • Only 1 parent to accompany your child/ward to school
  • Temperature will be taken at the security counter
  • Do not come to the school if you are unwell/on Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice
If the FAS application is approved with a letter that is provided by either:

- Your child's/ward's primary school,
- OR your child's/ward's sibling's school

  • Come to the school with the letter between 28-30 Dec to pick up the collection slip for books and uniform from the General Office.

Higher Mother Tongue

Our HOD/Mother Tongue will inform the students who are eligible to take Higher Mother Tongue.
3rd Language Application Our HOD/Mother Tongue will inform the students who have applied to take 3rd Language the outcome of their application.



For students on FAS, do NOT purchase the textbooks and uniform.
Instead, present the FAS approval letter to the General Office first.

Purchasing Textbooks

For SBB students,
- Confirm your acceptance of the SBB offer before buying the textbooks to prevent wrong purchases.
- Ensure that you only purchase the textbooks of your SBB subject(s) from the SBB book list. (More Info)

Purchasing Uniform

Please refer to the uniform vendor's letter for purchasing details.


Parents' Support Group (PSG)


Welcome message by PSG Chairperson, Mdm Siti Aisha.

Find out more about the school!

Art Elective Programe (AEP) & Music Elective Programme (MEP)

If your child exhibits interest and passion for Art or Music, they can apply for Art Elective Programme (AEP) or Music Elective Programme (MEP) in the following Centres:

  • AEP Centre (National Junior College)
  • MEP Centres (Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) or Dunman High School)

Successful applicants will attend weekly lessons in the afternoon at the AEP/MEP Centres. In view of the extended Art/Music curriculum, AEP/MEP students will not be offered Design and Technology (D&T) and Food and Consumer Education (FCE) at the Lower Secondary level to ensure that their overall curriculum load is manageable.

The online application is open from 4-15 January. More information is available in web links provided below.