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Student Councillors


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Nurture leaders who are inspired to lead, and lead to inspire others.

Nurture student leaders who are caring, confident and creative.

Student Councillors’ Pledge


We, the Student Councillors of Woodlands Secondary School, pledge that we will serve our school with integrity and diligence. We will adhere to the 3Cs and 7As and be exemplary role models to all.

We promise to uphold the good image of our school, and do our best to lead, serve and inspire. We will persevere and work together for the betterment of our school and our community.


Since its inception in 1995, the Student Council has been the overarching student group that oversees the welfare of the student body. Guided by passion, loyalty and service to the school, the student councillors work hard to ensure that the welfare of the students are met, as well as represent the student body and the school at numerous events in and out of school. Being part of the Student Council means our student councillors lead by example and serve as role models to their peers.


Leadership Opportunities:

In the Student Council, our councillors are exposed to many opportunities to hone their leadership and life skills that prepare them as leaders in future. Through the leadership workshops and trainings held by teachers and senior councillors, our Student Councillors are exposed to Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Stephen R. Covey. They also attend a yearly student leadership camp where they learn first-hand skills such as communication, endurance and resilience that aid them in their leadership journey. They also co-organised many events within the school, such as the Teachers’ Day celebration and Prom Night.

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In addition, we strongly believe that as leaders, our Student Councillors need to be socially aware of the community they live in, and develop empathy for others. Hence, all our Student Councillors have the opportunity to attend student leadership conferences and Marsiling Meet-the-People sessions with the Member of Parliament to discuss social issues pertaining to our community. These platforms allow our Student Councillors to learn that their role as a leader is not limited to within the school, and that they can and should also contribute and serve the community.


Thus, our Student Councillors learn to overcome challenges and discover their own potential. They will complete their leadership journey in the Student Council with many vital leadership experiences that can only be gained in the Student Council. Go WDL SC!