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The Boys’ Brigade 66th Singapore Company in Woodlands Secondary instills confidence in our Boys through opportunities for leadership, managing projects and skills training; raises awareness of Boys to the needs of others and encouraging them to engage in activities and projects in which they can care for the community at large and empowers them in creative decision making at all levels of the organisation and take up responsibility suitable to their age and capacity. We spell Boys with a capital 'B'.



The Sixty Six was established on 14 January  1995 in Woodlands Secondary School by our founding Captain Mr Albert Ching (current member of SAC) together with a team of pioneering officers Mr William Lim, Mr Harry Lim and Mr Willie Chien. The initial enrolment was 35 boys and has reached, at one time, a record high of 120 members. Our current Captain is Mr Harry Lim.

The highlight of our short history includes formation of a Trumpet & Fife band in 1997, topping the national BB week collection in 1998 & 1999, first runner up for national drill competition in 1999, trooping of Company Colours & formation of Alumni in 2001, organises a national swimaton in conjunction with our 10 years anniversary in 2005 and received our first JM Fraser Gold Award in 2006 and followed by the second in 2007. The year 2012 marks our 6th consecutive JM Fraser Gold Award. Our achievement teaches our Boys that everything is possible if they put their heart to it!!

Key Milestones

1997 – Formation of a Trumpet and Fife Band
1998 – National Top in BB Week Collection
1999 - National Top in BB Week Collection
              First Runner-Up for National Drill Competition
2001 – Trooping of The 66th Singapore Company Colours
              Formation of the BB Alumni
2005 – 10th Anniversary Celebrations
            - Organised a National Swim-a-ton
2006 – Received our first JM Fraser Gold Award
2007 – Received our second JM Fraser Gold Award

66th Coy in 2017

The 66th Company is awarded the J Fraser Award (Silver) for 2017. The Boys commemorated The Boys’ Brigade Day on 10 January 2017 this year, in celebration of 87 years of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore. Our Company also celebrated our 22nd Anniversary in 2017. This year, SGT Chow Zhi Wei (Sec 4A) was awarded the SP Chua Best Boy Medal. The SP Chua Best Boy medal is awarded to the Best Boy in the Graduating Class. A major highlight for the year would be the Company Annual Camp, where our Boys were given a challenge by choice, where Boys were tasked with the challenge course at Camp Challenge in Sembawang. Throughout the year, the Boys honed their leadership skills as well as learning new skills including drills, basketball, badminton, orienteering and leadership. The Boys were also encouraged to look out for their fellow Boys in their squads to show care and concern for each other. In the pursuit of a mindset of excellence, the Boys  also competed in the annual BB Blaze Adventure Competition, BB Character Quest Telematch Competition.  We are also proud to have SSG Goh Yi Ming (Class 4A) as the recipient of the prestigious Founder’s Award, the pinnacle award for Boys in the Brigade for Boys in the Seniors Programme. His award marks the achievement the Company has in developing the leadership capabilities of our Boys.

2017 also saw many of our Old Boys returning back to the Company to serve in the Primers’ Programme.  These Boys have performed exceptionally well in their recent National Examinations, and have returned to inspire our Boys towards excellence in their holistic development. The Primers serving includes:  CLT Adison Wong Yong Tian (Sec 5A’ 2016), CLT Cedric Lam Yek Fai (Sec 4B’2016), Brandon Lim Jin Zheng (Sec 4D’ 2016), and CLT Jovian Lim Xian Long (Sec 4E’ 2016). 

Key programmes

BB Week (March)

Company Annual Camp (March)

BB Blaze Competition (April)

Enrolment Service (April)

School National Day Observance Ceremony (August)

Marsiling National Day Observance Ceremony (August)

BB CARES: Community Activities Rallying Everyone to Serve (August)

Character Quest (Septermber)

Adventure Expedition Camp (September)

The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift Project (November)

Company Annual General Meeting (December)


2016 – JM Fraser Gold Award

              BB Week Gold Honour Roll

              BB Blaze Bronze Honour Roll

              Character Quest Silver Honour Roll

2015 – JM Fraser Silver Award

               BB Week Gold Honour Roll

               BB Blaze Bronze Honour Roll

              BB Character Quest Silver Honour Roll

              Founder’s Man – WO Adison Wong Yong Tian (Class of 2016, Sec 5A)

                          WO Chan Jun Yin (Class of 2015, Sec 4A)

                          WO Tan Gao Jie (Class of 2015, Sec 4A)


2014 – JM Fraser Gold Award

              BB Week Gold Honour Roll

              BB Blaze Bronze Honour Roll


2013 – JM Fraser Silver Award

              BB Week Gold Honour Roll

              BB Blaze Bronze Honour Roll

              Character Quest Bronze Honour Roll

              Founder’s Man – SSG Eugene Koh (Class of 2014, Sec 4A)

 BB 01.jpg
 Our Boys at Finishing Point for BB Blaze 2017

 BB 02.jpg
 SSG Goh Yi Ming (S4-A), with Mdm Loh, after collection of his award from Mr Desmond Lee. Minister, Prime Minister's Office & Second Minister for Home Affairs & Second Minister for National Development

BB 03.jpg
 Boys attempting the High Ropes Challenge Course at Camp Challenge, Sembawang
 BB 04.jpg
 Archery – the Company’s key ‘Learn a Skill’ Programme for the year

 BB 05.jpg
 Mr Caleb Cheong, reading the BB Day Message, in celebration of 87 Years of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore
 BB 06.jpgPlaying Archary Tag at the Combined ARPC BBGB Games Day
 BB 07.jpg

Company Photo at the Annual Enrolment Ceremony 2017 at
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
 BB 08.jpg
 Celebrating our 22nd Anniversary

 BB 09.jpg
 Boys cooking their own meals as part of their camps
 BB 10.jpg
 Celebrating the end of our school’s National Day Observance Ceremony 2017.
It has been a long time since we carried the Company Flag for such an event. 
 BB 11.jpg
 BB CARES 2017 – LET’S CARNIVAL. In partnership with The President’s Challenge.

 BB 12.jpg
 Our Boys playing host to our beneficiaries at BB CARES 2017

 BB 13.jpg

The Boys’ BrigadeShare-a-Gift is an annual nationwide Food Donation Drive where our Boys help bring cheer and hope to those in need during the time of Christmas. Do support The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift at http://www.bbshare.sg/

 BB 14.jpg

Cycling at Pulau Ubin