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Concert Band


Mr Ng Jie Hua Andrew
Mrs Lechimi Devi Ramesh
Miss Seah Wei Ee
Miss Peck Xin Hui


Mr Ng Jin Long Andrew


The Concert Band strives to create a supportive atmosphere where students can extend themselves and grow as musicians and as individuals, while at the same time striving for the highest level of musicianship possible.

Through active participation, students will explore a variety of musical styles, forms and genres. Rehearsals and performances seek to enhance a student's aesthetic awareness and perception.

Through our key programmes, students will grow into confident, resilient, and empathetic team players.

Key Programmes

  • SYF Presentation on alternate years
  • School Aesthetics Showcase on alternate years
  • School Performances for school festive events celebrations and National Day.
  • Community involvement via the Values in Action Programme.
  • Annual Band camp to foster bonding and teamwork.

2019 In Action

In 2019, the Woodlands Symphonic Band made its appearance in various important school events under the baton of our resident conductor, Mr Andrew Ng. These events included the school’s Annual Speech Day, SYF Parents’ Showcase, National Day Parade, and Teachers’ Day Celebrations. This year, the Band challenged itself to step out of its comfort zone by taking on pieces beyond our usual standard, and by performing in smaller ensemble settings -- a feat which requires great courage for budding musicians. The Band members have also displayed commitment to music making and have persevered on to perform to their best potential in their performances. In order to attain a high level of musicianship, the Band works hard under the tutelage of our resident conductor and sectional tutors. After months of hard work, the Band members clinched a Certificate of Accomplishment in the SYF competition. The Band members have also forged stronger bonds with each other through an annual student-led camp during the holidays. The Band is currently in the midst of preparing for the Aesthetics Showcase, which will take place next year.




Name of competition



Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 

 Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 

 Certificate of Accomplishment


 National Band Competition



Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


National Band Competition



Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Concert Bands 


 Woodlands Symphonic Band at the Singapore Youth Festival in March 2019
 Farewell party for Secondary 4 and 5 seniors in April 2019
Our ensemble performing a medley of songs from The Greatest Showman for Speech Day 2019