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Infocomm Club


Mr M Gnanasekaran
Ms V.K. Tamilselvi

  • Excite students about the possibilities of technology in a fun way.
  • Equip students with relevant infocomm skills.
  • Provide students with opportunities to express their creativity and ideas.

Key Programmes

  • AVA Support for school events
  • Basic Programming and Coding skills
  • Mobile App Development
  • CoSpace Grand Prix
  • Micro-controller car
  • Game Design
  • Video production
  • Data Analytics Competition
  • Software Training such as Moviemaker, app inventer, etc.


The Infocomm Club offers an eclectic mix of multi-modal media opportunities for students to excel in. Our members have distinguished themselves in various competitive events through focused creativity.

The Club participated in the RoboCup Singapore Open 2017 and came in with the fastest programme care in the RMA Challenge category. The participants are Rogel Derek Jozch Mangundayao, Matin B Haiqal, Mursyid Kamil B Hamid, Nicholas Cheng and Nigel Tan Jun Qi.

CCA photos2 520px.jpg

Students also participated in the Microcontroller car competition held at the republic polytechnic in 2016.

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The Club was honoured to be one of the 14 award recipients in the Secondary and Junior College category for the Schools Digital Media Awards (SDMA) 2014.  Jashant, Ruvvenesh and Ying Keat received a merit award for their animated short film, “Life Story Of Aiden”.

The Lower Secondary members also did the school proud in the National Infocomm Security Competition (NISEC) 2014. The team consisting of Yu Hong, Amirul, Khairul and Najmi were shortlisted as one of the top 20 animation teams in the Secondary and Junior College category. 

Looking ahead, the Club will focus on fostering a spirit of camaraderie to enable students to utilise technology in a fun and innovative manner.

SDMA ceremony 280px.jpg

SDMA 2014 Winners:

[From left] Ruvvenesh (3A), Jashant (3A) and Ying Keat (4D) [not in pic]

SDMA Prize Plaque 280px.jpg
SDMA 2014 Merit Award for the animated short “Life Story of Aiden”
20140602_171114 (1) 280px.jpg
NISEC 2014 shortlisted storyboard writers:
[From left] Yu Hong (2D), Amirul (2D), Khairul (2D) & Najmi (2D)
20140602_160739 280px.jpg
Students at a training session

IMG_5525 520px.jpg

Students’ filming behind the scenes for this year SDMA 2017 Competition.