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DSA Criteria

We are now seeking Primary 6 pupils who are passionate to serve others to join the school in this exciting developmental programme through Direct School Admission (DSA) in 2017.
We groom you for life! 

DSA Criteria for academic year 2017:






Applicant is holding a:

·         leadership position in any CCA, or

·         leadership position in school, and/or

·         position in a Prefectorial Board



Applicant has achieved at least a “Very Good” conduct  rating for Primary 5 and Primary 6 semesters


Applicant has achieved at least 95% CCA and school attendance


Contribution to community

Applicant to be:

·           passionate in helping those who are less fortunate

·           able to empathize and take care of others


·         Interview and Situational Test

As part of the selection process, applicants will be expected to undergo an interview by the school management and participate in a situational test to assess their leadership and relevant competencies.  

·         Application Forms

Interested Primary Six pupils are invited to obtain application forms from the school General Office or download from the school website from 8 May 2017 onwards.

·         Please download the form here.